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"over 120 more people 

in our Sunday school 

classes as a result"


Rev. Maury Davis

Senior Pastor 

Cornerstone Church







































































































































































Testimonies . . .

"Secret to an Open Door follows a very biblical approach to personal evangelism.  After reading this book, we were inspired to begin a new outreach program here at Cornerstone Church.  A few months later, we have more than 120 additional people in our Sunday school classes as a result.  I have read several books on evangelism, but this one is clearly the best.  I would strongly recommend Secret to an Open Door to anyone who has a heart for the lost."

Rev. Maury Davis, Senior Pastor

Cornerstone ChurchNashville, Tennessee


February 16, 2013 – "Dear brother David, we are so blessed by your book.  Secret to an Open Door, is so helpful to us in our evangelism work.  We read this book with our heart and soul.  We have learned many new things from this book for effective evangelism.  We are now able to teach other believers and they are learning from us in Christ. As a result, the Lord Jesus Christ has opened a new door for us through His word and we are reaching unbelievers. We are empowered with the Holy Spirit and can now speak boldly with unbelievers for the purpose of salvation."


March 28, 2013 – "Thanks for your prayer support and encouragement.  Last month we preached the word of God in different churches in cities and villages.  Many people were saved.  Today we received the outreach trip report from our fellowship pastors.  About 100 people are ready for water Baptism.  When we received this good report our hearts were filled with joy and our eyes were filled with tears of happiness.  This is our faith; that one day God will make it possible for you to visit our church here in Pakistan and share the love of Jesus Christ."


July 05, 2013 – "We are writing to share with you great things of God which He has done in our lives.  We have won thousands of lost souls for King Jesus Christ in the last few months.  Some evil possessed persons have been set free in the name of Jesus Christ.  Please keep on praying for us.  We must preach, teach and reach others for the kingdom of God.  You are in our prayers.  We love you in Christ.  God bless you richly. "
Senior Pastor (name withheld for safety)

"Dave, I just wanted to call and thank you for your book, Secret to an Open Door.  I have read it several times and have really seen the fruit of praying specifically for open doors.  In the last 11 days, in numerous different situations, I have seen 24 people give their heart to Christ.  Just today, I led a man to Christ in a restaurant.  God had already prepared his heart.  I have never seen anything like it!  Thanks again for writing this book."

Dan Zimmerle Radio Talk Show Host

One Nation Under God Radio

"I must share how your book,
Secret to an Open Door has helped my spiritual life and witness.  The local prison director asked us to visit Area 16.  This is the area where the most dangerous inmates are located (those who have killed more than 3 people in very heinous crimes).  We used the principles found in your book and God opened the doors very wide.  Within two weeks, 60 inmates in Area 16 accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Within a couple months, over 100 inmates were converted by the power of the Word of God!  Now (5 months later) Area 16 is setting the example for the rest of the prison in model behavior.  Even the mayor of the city visited the prison to encourage them to keep up the good work.

The prison director then assigned us to another problematic section (Area 14), because he has become convinced that the Word of God can change the life of a criminal.  Area 14 is full of people who have committed sexual crimes.  Within two weeks, over 50 inmates in Area 14 gave their lives to Jesus Christ! 

Secret to an Open Door is a great tool for the expansion of God's kingdom.  It is evident that God is with you and your ministry.  I am currently working with a team of translators led by two professionals, who are reviewing and correcting the work, so we can publish your book in Spanish.  Thank you for your service to the Lord!" 

Esteban Reyes

Juarez, Mexico


"After hearing you speak on evangelism, I went home and read your book last night.  I was moved to tears and wept profusely for my unsaved family members as well as for other lost people in general.  Today, I was still very burdened and kept praying for an open door to witness to someone.  I went to the YMCA to pick up my fiancé.  While I was waiting for him, I noticed that the lady sitting next to me was nervously wringing her hands.  Moved with compassion, I began to  talk with her.  She opened up about some very difficult problems she is facing.  By God's grace, the conversation turned naturally to the Lord.  After a substantial discussion, she readily admitted that she was a lost sinner in need of salvation.  With tears streaming down her face, she confessed those sins to Jesus Christ and received Him as her Savior.  What a blessing.  Thanks so much for what you shared with us!"
Rose Figueroa
Kenosha, Wisconsin

My testimony is about how a Life Reference Manual helped to turn my whole life around.  I first received a Life Reference Manual while I was incarcerated in a detention center.  At that time I was on drugs very heavily.  I really didn't care what happened to me or what anyone thought of me at that time.  I thought that God was just a myth.  I didn't believe that what all of the Bible said could be true.  Well I was having a really bad day and a preacher came in and started to talk about God.  Well I felt so bad that I figured what could it hurt just to listen to what he has to say.  Everything he said hit me right in the heart.  It was like he was talking directly to me.  At the end of his sermon he asked if anyone would like to have a Life Reference Manual and told us a little about what was in it and how to use it.  I decided to go up and get one and started to read it. It was amazing.  It was like every kind of problem that I had, there was an answer for it in the Bible.  Well after reading certain scriptures that the manual had sent me to I got curious about what all the rest of the Bible says.  I ended up reading the Bible more and more every day and every time I did my faith in God became stronger and stronger.  I finally gave my life to the Lord.  I decided that the life that I was living was not the life that I wanted.

God has a special plan for me and I realized that I needed to start pursuing that plan.  I am still working on getting my life back together. I am in a Christian Rehabilitation & Recovery Center now and doing everything that I can to pass the word of God around. I still struggle every now and then, but then again who doesn't.  In the beginning a Life Reference Manual is what led me to being saved.  I think that everyone should keep some extra Life Reference Manuals with them at all times.  If anyone is reading this that has a drug problem or knows someone close to them that does, please seek help or help the person you know.  Never give up on someone you love just because they are an addict. Almost everyone in my family told me that I would always be a drug addict and would never change. Look at me now, I have been clean for over a year and am working on getting my degree in ministry.

South Carolina

"My sister is a psychologist, who talks to people everyday with problems or issues going on in their life. She was so committed to helping others that she became depressed and had thoughts of committing suicide.  By giving her God's Word in this Life Reference Manual, she is now studying the Bible for herself and dedicated her life back to Christ.  I want to thank you all for sharing these Life Reference Manuals because you are helping more people find their way back to God than you can even imagine!"


Antioch, TN

“Brother David, I was so blessed by your book, Secret to an Open Door, and your teachings at the Pastor’s Conference in Andhra Pradesh, India, in September of 2008.  I learned so much about how to preach the gospel and communicate with people.  I am now a pastor currently doing ministry work in four different locations, and Churches have been established as a result.  Many others were blessed as well.

Pastor Joshua traveled 200 KM from the Krishna District to participate in the conference.  He said it was amazing teaching.  He was so blessed through your conference that he said, 'It seems like a new beginning to me.'  Another pastor named M. Koti Reddy greatly appreciated the conference.  He learned how to share the gospel and is now witnessing for Jesus everywhere he goes.

Pastor Prabhudas was inspired by your teaching on prayer.  He now has a great burden for the lost and has committed to preach the gospel in an unreached area.  He walks many kilometers reaching lost souls and continues daily without rest.  Pastor J. Manikya Rao was affected by your teachings and said, 'I want to do evangelism.'  He had done some witnessing before, but since the conference he has been sharing the gospel daily.

As a result of the conference, many people have come to know Jesus Christ as their savior.  We are all praying that you will come back to India and visit our ministry and churches.  Many people want Secret to an Open Door to be translated in the Telugu language.  I pray for it to come to pass quickly.  God bless you and your ministry.”  

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Pastor John Wesley, Edlapadu Village
Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

“This book, Secret to an Open Door is very useful in the ministry.  I read it and learned many new things about evangelism.  Now I am searching after lost souls and our church is growing a lot.  All of this is because of David Morel’s book.  Thanks brother David for what you have shared!”

Pastor Babu Daniel Pavilavi

Andhra Pradesh India

Brother David, thank you for your training in 2008 and for your prayers for my recent travels to Patna, the capital city of Bihar State.  Bihar is the third most populated state in India and has been named “The Graveyard of Missions” for Christianity.  It is one of India's poorest states with many slum-dwellers.  However, there have been many tears shed for many years for Bihar State, and God is beginning to take the blinders off their minds.  Even though it was very difficult, we saw several Hindu people put their trust in Jesus Christ as Savior.  It was through prayer, that God has revealed Himself to them, just as you said in your book.  Please keep praying, as we hope to go back to Bihar State again soon.  And, please come back again.  Our people need your training."

Pastor Murthy Babu
Andhra Pradesh, Indi

"Shortly after hearing you speak on Biblical evangelism, I took 10 New Testaments and hit the streets of Macon to do some witnessing.  I had given eight of them away, but no one wanted to talk at length about Christ.  Then I remembered the Colossians prayer that you shared in your training.  I opened one of the remaining New Testaments to Colossians 4:2-6 and prayed that passage back to God.  Almost immediately, a lady slipped and fell right in front of me.  I helped her back on her feet and we began to talk.  Within 15 minutes, tears were streaming down her face as she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior.  Then, I had one remaining New Testament and I opened it to the Colossians prayer and prayed it again.  When I looked up, there was a man standing in front of me staring at me.  We began to talk and shortly thereafter he too accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior!
John Davis, Georgia


"I read Secret to an Open Door on the airplane, up through chapter five.  I prayed through the Colossians' and Ephesians' prayers and closed the book.  Sitting next to my wife was a 28 year-old law student from Taiwan, who was flying to Albany to take her bar exams.  I turned to the young lady and started to talk with her.  The conversation very naturally turned to the topic of salvation, just as you said in the book.  She was raised in church and felt she could earn her way to heaven by being righteous.   I turned in the Scriptures to the book of Romans and to Psalm 119.  Twenty-five minutes later, the light bulb came on in her mind.  She prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her savior at 30,000 feet.  Thanks for the book, the encouragement, and the admonition."

Bob Miner, New York

"I was called to be an evangelist on June 13, 2008 and I answered 7 days later.  Our ministry was blessed with copies of the Physician’s Life Reference manual.  These New Testaments have been used in leading at least 6 people to find Jesus Christ for salvation, and at least 5 others have made re-dedications.   Today, 10 of these people are in Bible preaching churches faithfully and regularly.  We are currently in need of more Life Reference Manuals."
Joe Walker, Evangelist
Christiansburg, VA


"David, I have been planning to write since you taught here at our church last year.  Your book, Secret to an Open Door, and the Bibles have been amazing!  Teaching us to pray according to Colossians 4, and using the Life Reference Manual New Testaments, has made such a difference in evangelizing others.  There have been many testimonies in our church that have come directly from your efforts.  I just want to thank you and your wife so much for your ministry.  May our Lord bless you and continue to use you mightily.  Thanks again, we loved it!"

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Stacey Watson Beach Community Church

Brasilito, Costa Rica


"After you spoke on evangelism at our Wesleyan ministers' retreat last month, we started going through Secret to an Open Door at our Wednesday night prayer meeting.  We shifted our focus to praying for lost souls.  The next day, I was sharing with the youth in our academy and one of the girls came up to me after and began asking questions about heaven.  I pulled out the Life Reference Manual and went through the plan of salvation with her.  God was working on her heart.  Shortly after, she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her savior.  Your book is timely as I have been wondering how to institute evangelism in our church.  We need some more Life Reference Manual New Testaments!"

Pastor Rick Carpenter

Brockway Wesleyan Church, Michigan  


August 4, 2011 – "David, thanks for teaching evangelism principles at our Family Vacation Bible School last night and allowing the Lord to work through you to be a blessing to the Body of Christ and the world.  Four (4) of our Family of Faith Church (FOFC) youth prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior!"

August 13, 2011 – "Using these principles and the Life Reference Manuals, our Associate Pastor, Rev. Mark Tucker, reported that FOFC made an investment in the lives of people on the streets of Nashville, TN today and it yielded an increase!  Hallelujah! – 34 people prayed to receive JESUS as LORD of their life!  GLORY to GOD!"

September 10, 2011 – "Rev. Mark Tucker reports that FOFC made an investment in the lives of people on the streets of Nashville, TN today and it yielded an increase!  Hallelujah! – 23 people prayed to receive JESUS as LORD of their life!  GLORY to GOD!"

October 8, 2011 – "Rev. Mark Tucker reports that FOFC made an investment in the lives of people on the streets of Nashville, TN today and it yielded an increase!  Hallelujah! – 7 people prayed to receive JESUS as LORD of their life!  GLORY to GOD!"
Rev. Jerome Hill Sr., Senior Pastor
Family of Faith ChurchNashville, Tennessee


"There was a middle aged man in our hospital for an extended period.  He was very belligerent and none of our nurses could get along with him.  He was truly testing our patience.  I gave him a copy of the Life Reference Manual New Testament.  I noticed him reading it day after day and then one day he prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior.  The last week he was with us in the hospital, the nurses were asking, 'Why has he been so nice lately?'  I said, 'God has changed him!'  One nurse commented, 'I noticed he has been reading that Life Reference Manual much of the time.'  What a testimony to the power of God's Word.  He has been attending church regularly for months.  I Praise the Lord for this wonderful evangelism tool.  I give them out to people all the time."

Deb Evans, Nurse Brownstown, Illinois


"Not long after you taught evangelism at our church, I had the congregation stand in the Sunday morning service and read Colossians 4:2-6 aloud, in unison.  We then prayed as a congregation that God would open doors for us, that He would provide boldness, and give us the words to say.  He answered that prayer within hours!!

That evening, we hosted a concert for high school and middle school kids.  The band gave their testimonies and we had counselors available to talk to the kids who wanted to know more about how they could have their sins forgiven.  We used the Life Reference Manual New Testaments and showed each of these inquiring young people that God had provided help for them in the Scriptures.  Then we showed them how they could know Him personally.  As a result fifteen boys and girls prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord."

Don Wingfield

Lake Arrowhead, California

October 7, 2011 – " I'm looking forward to talking.  I had a great experience after I read your book yesterday and did what you said.  I want to pick your brain about how to lead our church in aggressive, Spirit-led evangelism."


January 14, 2012 – "God led me to a man who was hungry for Christ and thirsty for mercy Thursday.   He was saved in his mid-eighties.   It was like picking ripe blueberries."
Ken Pierpont, Senior Pastor
Evangel Baptist Church, Taylor, Michigan

"After reading your book, I asked the Lord to fill my mouth with His words in proclaiming the Gospel to the unbeliever’s heart.  When my tiny vehicle was in the shop to fix the engine, I took a 45-minute taxi ride to my home away from the city.  I asked the taxi driver about different aspects of his life.  He shared that he had attended a Pentecostal church for a while.  He then left there to attend a Baptist church.  After that, he attended a Roman Catholic Church.  I shared the Gospel with him and he began to understand the plan of God for his life.  He cried very seriously before the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior that very moment.  He just kept crying and crying inside the taxi.  He didn’t want me to pay the fare, but the Lord told me he needed that money for his family. Glory be to God!

David, thank you for the book on evangelism and for your prayers and support for the Lord's work here.  I love to read Secret to an Open Door over and over again and apply it in my daily life.  I would like to translate your book into our Cebuano vernacular for all of the Filipino ministers that have a passion for the lost soul.  With Much love and prayer!"

Rev. Jesus A. Carso, Jr.

The Philippines


"I am a family doctor in Southwest, Michigan.  Our medical group has full-time missionary physicians around the world.   I was recently on a short-term mission trip to Sierra Leone, West Africa and was staying at the World Vision guest house.  One morning I was reading the Life Reference Manual during my quiet time with the Lord. Three high school-age students came over to see what I was doing.  I told them that I was reading the Bible and asked them about their faith.  Two of them said they were Christians and the third one said he was a Muslim.  I asked the first two, 'How do you know that you are a Christian?'  They couldn't articulate how they had come to faith so I shared with them how I had become a Christian.  Then I reviewed the plan of salvation that is so well outlined in the Life Reference Manual.  I asked if they had ever received Christ and they said they had not.  So, I showed them the 'prayer for salvation' and asked if they felt God was showing them this was the truth.  Two of them said, 'Yes' and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their savior.  I gave each of them a Life Reference Manual and encouraged them to read it regularly to grow in their new found faith.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!"

Ron Baker, MD, Michigan


"This little book demystified personal evangelism for me.  It truly gave me a new understanding of God’s complete sovereignty in soul-winning and what my role is in the process.  My brother-in-law was lost.  I prayed the Colossians' prayer and specifically prayed for him.  I watched God completely re-arrange his entire life to place him under my roof for several weeks providing me the 'open door' to explain the gospel – something that had truly been a mystery to him.  He prayed to receive Christ one night during his stay.  Now I am praying that the simple and straightforward message of Secret to an Open Door will be the catalyst that enables more brothers and sisters everywhere to begin to experience great fruitfulness in soul-winning."

Clay Coulter, Tennessee


"David, I have a friend named Darryl in St. Louis, Missouri.  Darryl is truly a committed servant of the Lord.  Thursday evening he called and asked how he could get some New Testaments.  He had 15 people from his church going out Saturday morning to do some street witnessing.  I gave him some of the Life Reference Manual New Testaments from Biblical Evangelism Ministries.

Brother Darryl called me today and said, 'Gene I have to share with you what happened Saturday morning in North St. Louis.  We witnessed to many people, gave out all of the New Testaments, and were able to pray with 15 to 20 people.  Three (3) of those people made a profession of faith and received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.'  What a great testimony of the Holy Spirit at work through His Word in the lives of lost people in St. Louis.  Praise God!  Thanks so much for the New Testaments."

Gene Walls, Illinois


"After reading Secret to an Open Door, I was encouraged to talk with people about the Lord.  I came to realize that it is God who saves, and all I need to do is be available.  I called a friend of mine that I had not spoken with for over two years.  During our conversation, he expressed that he had lost hope and was thinking of committing suicide.  I asked him if we could get together and talk.  When we met, I was able to encourage him and pray with him.  He asked the Lord to save him and help him start a new beginning in life.  Thank you David, for the timely book and insight on reaching people for Jesus." 

Bill Collier, Tennessee


"After reading Secret to an Open Door, I began meditating on the concepts in the book and praying for open doors and the faith to witness to people.  One day I went into a convenience store to get some cash from an ATM.  A lady in the store was giving the cashier her numbers to play the lottery.  She was completely stressed out and seemed very worried.  God moved on my heart with compassion for her.  I went out to the car and shared that with my wife.  When the lady left the store, I pointed her out and my wife said, 'That's my cousin!'

We invited her to get into our car and talk.  She was considering suicide because of many personal problems within her family.  I prayed for God to give me the words, just as you say in your book.  We talked for a while and then she said, 'God must be speaking to you, because the things you are saying are the very problems I am facing.'  We prayed with her and talked about the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Before parting, I gave her some specific Scriptures to read.

She called us about a week later and said the Scriptures spoke to her so much that she went to church on Sunday.  The message at church ministered deeply, so she went to the altar, repented of her sins and gave her life to Jesus Christ.  She plans to be baptized very soon.  She also stated that she is not going to play the lottery anymore.  Instead she is trusting God to meet her needs."

Craig Hightower, Macon Georgia


"Thank you so much for sending us the Life Reference Manual New Testaments.  Our ministry serves several hundred free meals each week to disadvantaged and forgotten people.   Often, we are able to counsel these people and the Life Reference Manual makes solving their problems and sharing the gospel so much easier.  We periodically see people accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  At one outreach recently six (6) people received Jesus Christ as savior.  Thanks again for these wonderful New Testaments!"

Bonnie Hummel Fire of God Ministry

First Church of the Nazarene Gainesville, FL


“I have read and reread your book, Secret to an Open Door.  I must admit that often I didn't allow the Holy Spirit to do His work.  I have gone on the open-air witness for many years at The Gideon International Conventions with some success but never was able to lead anyone to Christ.  Before attending the Convention in Columbus Ohio this year, as you stress, I prayed that God would prepare some hearts to accept Jesus at the open-air witness.

When we were bussed to the capital steps the first day, it was raining.  Napoleon was standing out of the rain at a bus stop looking at a tract.  I asked him if he knew where he would go when he died, and his response was, ‘To heaven, I hope.’  When I asked if he would like to know for sure, he said ‘Yes.’  As Napoleon and I read together the Scriptures on the back page of my personal New Testament, he was very interested in God's ‘Remedy for Sin’ found in Romans 6:23.  He said he had done some bad things in his life.  He also shared that he had been in a religious organization for 20 years and that he had never accepted Jesus as his Savior.  God convicted him of his sins, he prayed the sinner's prayer and became a new creation in Christ.  Napoleon now knows for sure where he will go when he passes on!"

Pat Swan, Connecticut


"My oldest son was arrested and incarcerated for three years.  I sent him one of the Life Reference Manual Bibles.  He actually began to read it.  While in prison, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.  Thank you so much for caring enough to offer such a wonderful new lease on life."

B. Mendenhall, Indiana


“Just last week, I prayed specifically for a young lady I had known for several years.  She is a captain in the National Guard and would be leaving that week to go to Iraq.  She had come to my office on Wednesday afternoon to say goodbye, and lingered there for a long time.  I wondered why she was staying so long, and then I felt a little ashamed as I realized she might not come home, and here I was spiritually asleep.  It dawned on me why she was staying in my office so long ... God was just waiting for me to wake up and do my part.

I asked her how she was doing emotionally and spiritually.   ‘Not too good,’ she told me.  ‘I know how you feel.  I felt the same way once.  If you die in Iraq, do you know for sure you will go to Heaven?’  She shook her head, ‘No’.  I continued, ‘Would you like to know?’  She nodded.  With that I shared with her the plan of salvation.  When we were done, she turned and left my office a new creature in Christ. I could see that her countenance had changed and a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  I was feeling a bounce in my step as well.

David, you say in your book that each time we share with someone, the message is slightly different.  God gives us the words to use and He ‘opens the door for the word’ for that particular person.  That is the way it has been with me each time I have been privileged to lead someone to the Lord.  Thank you for your book.  It really takes the mystery out of personal evangelism.”

Jim Blunk, Texas

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army


"I'm on the evangelism team at Calvary United Methodist Church in Flint.  I read your book and memorized the Colossians' prayer.  I am an electrician and I often read my Bible and pray at break time.  One day, I prayed the Colossians' prayer.  Shortly after I finished, a new employee asked me a couple of Biblical questions, which I did my best to answer.  Then he said, 'How do you become born again?'  I proceeded to show him the steps to peace with God in my little New Testament.  He read the steps, closed his eyes, and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as savior.  I was in awe of God!  Then the topper he asked if I had anything he could take to his wife so she could be saved too!  So I gave him a tract that he could take home to her.  

David, I hope this strengthens your walk.  Grace and peace to you!"

Nick Staley, Michigan

Calvary United Methodist Church


"One Sunday, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart that I should go to the jails.  I made several attempts with various different people, but I had no success at getting our church involved in the local jail ministry.  About that time, you gave me a copy of your book, Secret to an Open Door.  As I read the book, one underlying theme kept surfacing - God must open the door - God must open the door - It is Him, not me - For I can do nothing without Him!  I started praying earnestly, as you admonish in your book, and opportunities to present the Gospel started coming my way.

Then one day my pastor said, ‘Phillip, the pastor over the jail ministry just invited us to join him in the local ministry.'  Since that time, we have placed many copies of God's Word at the jail, presented the Gospel and have seen lives changed.  Recently a young man was saved and baptized.  He and his mother came to our church last week.  Praise the Lord! 

A few weeks ago, a man told me that a lady (just let out of jail) was downtown on the street and all that she had in her possession was one of our Bibles in one hand and a church bulletin in the other.  They took her to church and now she is attending every time the doors are open.  What a blessing!  Thank you for this powerful book, Secret to an Open Door.  It opened my heart to the One who opens up all doors and hearts - God, not me!"

Phillip Purvis

Readyville, Tennessee


"God has truly blessed you with a heart for evangelism.  Your book was so encouraging to me.  For years, I have struggled with personal evangelism, thinking I had to bring everyone to a decision or I was a failure.  Your book helped me to realize that it is God that brings the increase.  After reading it, I began praying the prayer in Colossians.  One Sunday morning after praying that prayer, I had to go to the hospital to visit my Dad who was having a procedure that morning.  Following the procedure, we were visiting in his room.  My Dad is a retired pastor and naturally we began to talk about the Lord.  

The man in the next bed was 39 years old and had been admitted for chest pain.  He attended church for a time but had done many things for which he was not proud.  He shared that he read the Bible by his bedside the night before and God had convicted him about getting his life in order.  Under my breath, I said 'THANK YOU LORD!'  I took my little pocket New Testament and shared the plan of salvation with him.  He gladly prayed to receive Christ.  Just a few minutes later his son called and this man confessed his salvation to his son.  I praise the Lord, because God just dropped that soul in front of me.  God truly opened a door of utterance for me."

David Drennen, West Virginia


"After reading Secret to an Open Door, God exposed my heart to a place of repentance for neglecting the lost condition of my family and others.  In the past, when I did share Christ, it was me doing the witnessing.  I was not trusting God.  Through this book, God has revealed to me that I cannot cause the lost to understand the things of the Spirit.  Unless God opens a door, the gospel is a mystery to the unbeliever.  After coming to this realization, I began crying out to God on behalf of my sister (who had pushed me away whenever I tried to witness).

Shortly after that, my sister came to visit and she was very hungry for spiritual things.  God gave me the words to speak and she later told me, 'It was weird, but for the first time, I understood everything you said.'  She is no longer a lost soul.  Now I know that only God can open the door of understanding to the mystery of the gospel of Christ."

Gary L. Murphy, Tennessee


"I enjoyed reading your book, Secret to an Open Door.   I must admit that I don't always feel comfortable when witnessing.  Since reading your book, it has been much easier for me.  I showed it to Chris and he sat down and read the entire book in one day.  He was so excited after reading it.  He was convicted that he had not been witnessing, as he was accustomed to doing.  The following week at our business, he led a man to the Lord and was so excited.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine had knee surgery.  She is a precious person and has shared with me her desire to witness, but also the fear that she has.  I gave her your book. Yesterday at church, she thanked me for the book.  She told me how she had started reading it, then put it down, but the Holy Spirit dealt with her to continue reading.  She realized that her fear of witnessing to others was the fact that she did not know what to say.  After reading your book, she feels more prepared and is excited about witnessing.  Thank you for listening to the Lord and sharing your thoughts and teachings through your book." 

Cindy Creel, Mississippi


"I heard you speak at the Word of Life Inn and Conference Center in Schroon Lake, New York.  I ordered 10 of your books for our men's Bible study about a month ago.  We are into chapter five already and we are enjoying it greatly.  I have been praying for 'prepared hearts' and have applied your principles on two different occasions as a result.  First, a 19 year old came to Christ the other day at the Saratoga County Fair, and second, an older man (age 72) that I 'just happened' to meet at a Stewart's Ice Cream Shoppe, is coming along.  God is good!"

Bill Schamberg

Schroon Lake, NY


"Your book gave me the confidence to talk to my mom about her salvation.  It culminated with her praying the 'Sinners Prayer'.  Thanks!!"

Lou Alverides, Tennessee 

President, Holliday Enterprises


"Thank you for the second shipment of the New Testament – Life Reference Manual.  As you know, we are chaplains at a local youth detention center.  We give them to the youth that we teach in a weekly Bible study class.  These youth quickly saw how helpful these reference manual New Testaments are for studying the Scriptures, especially in the areas where they struggle in their daily lives.  But something unexpected happened as they began to experience the power of God’s Word.  Our Bible study youth began to ask for extra copies to give to those back in their sections in the detention center.  They are using them to encourage others and persuade them to come to our Bible study.  As a result, the reference manuals have become a very significant evangelistic tool in the center, and the evangelists are the youth themselves. Praise God for His Word and His way!"

Robin Moore Joyce Harrisville Pennsylvania 

Rejoyce Moore Ministries, Inc.


"Brother David, I am glad to write this letter with prayer towards you in Jesus name.  Thank you very much for your books that Brother Wayne Lawton gave to us while visiting in December.  Through these books, God has given us much good knowledge by the Holy Spirit.  Secret to an Open Door is wonderful and very useful for reaching the unreached with the Gospel.  The Life Reference Manual is a wonderful Bible and is very useful for all our pastors and trainers.  I appreciate you in the holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  We are praying for you and your ministry.  Thank you in Jesus name!"

Pastor Jeremiah, Valaparla

Prakasm District, Andre Pradesh, India


"Thank you for your book, Secret to an Open Door.  I started reading it while traveling home on the airplane.  As I read the Colossians' prayer, I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to open doors for me and that I could truly speak the mystery of Christ.  Shortly after that, the young man sitting next to me asked how my day was going!  We began to share little things and he started opening up to me.  Tears came as he shared that he had lost his mother at age 14 to breast cancer.  He was so attentive and appreciative as we looked in the Bible to find comfort.  We had at least 30-45 minutes of sharing before we landed.  It was precious. 

This weekend we stopped at McDonalds before going to Bible camp.  A lady who works there asked if she might talk to my husband and I before we left.  She poured out her heart about a broken relationship.  I was so overwhelmed with compassion that I couldn't keep the tears from streaming down my face.  Later, we had an opportunity to pray with her and her daughter.  It ministered to them in a powerful way.

Those experiences might have happened just the same.  But, I do know that I specifically asked God to open the door for me to speak the mystery of the gospel.  Thank you David.  I am touched, blessed and appreciative of this book."

Becky Hager, North Dakota


"Many, many thanks for a copy of your splendid little book, which I came across completely by accident (an associate pastor was using it when I called on him).  It took me nearly 3 days to fly back to Australia and I was so grateful to have a book that I could read and contemplate and read again.  I would like to report that I had tremendous results with the people who sat next to me on the crowded flights.  I found the thoughts written in your book to be splendidly helpful and relevant to me."

Roger Martin, Australia


"GO . . . preach the gospel to every creature."  Mark 16:15

Mark 16:15
15 And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."  NKJV

Matthew 28:19-20
19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 

20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.  NKJV